ERIS Picture

Eris, goddess of chaos and discord, for *ilostmyname's big multi deviant art collab doodad THEOS ENOMENOS that's what she's calling to find a direct link-

here's the list of deities and who's on board: [link]
and here's the original entry that kicked it all off: [link]

basically, i started out doing a really fancy painting, and it looked neato banana, but i got it nearly finished and then remember that the that pictures are supposed to be horizontal. thus, i kind of gave up for a while.

then lately i've been trying out this new style, (haven't posted any yet) and i decided to give her a go like that. i think i may do something more in the background...but mebbe not. thoughts? i like it, but it's a tad plain...

huzzah foo!
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