Tupaq Picture

Tupaq (or alternately Túpac) comes from quechua and means "noble". This is the Macabraic Spirit of Shadows, darkness and lack of visible light, as well of the dark energy and phantom dark energy, energy which keeps the universe expanding since its initial expansion. The 'Macabraics' are elemental entities that have interfered over nature and established, through accords or disagreements between their own, some paradigms for the living beings which composes the ecosystems. Some regions in the universe have been more or less watched and intervened by each of those ancient entities, that have been nine since a long time, but fewer even before those immemorial times. Tupaq has been somewhat a patron of some peoples which have developed in the planet of Topakhon, in the K-Pacha system, and has brought to some of them knowledge in witchcraft. Of all the groups there established, four different tribes have developed the four characteristics of the 'Topakar Magic': The semi-nomadic Akamenes have developed Necromancy (with Panacea), the State of Xibahpukon has developed the Portal-Travelling (through the Anaghra Lemah), Ai Apaec's Tribe of Caral Supe has developed the Anti-Gravity telekinesis (with Serapel) and the tribe of Apukuhcan (or Apuqohcan) had inherited the Illusion-crafting/reality manipulation (with the control over the phantom dark energy, distorting what's seen).

These four tribes weren't the only living in the main continent of Topakhon or in the shores of the Ocean of Titicaca, but most of those that had not these arts had been conquered by them sometime in history, before the Topakhon Wars officially begun (around the 29th Century b.I). Tupaq, as a Macabraic, is pluri-present and can manifest in many forms at once in different places, according to its own element (in the case, phantom dark energy, dark energy and lack of light [shadows]), but often takes a main form, which is more culturally accepted by one or another population. His main form since the 30th Century b.I, with the creation of the Vovin (dragon) kind is that of a dragon, the first one to there ever be, for he chose it because of its ability to see much more colors than any other 'baalite' (vertebrate). Although it's well known that at many times in history the macabraics have found themselves in disagreement, Tupaq is one which Hadad, the Macabraic of light, has antagonized the most among their brothers, because of the menace which it represented, as the phantom dark energy expands the universe until the possibility of a Big Rip happen, that is the disintegration of all matter.

Tupaq has schemed alongside allies to do the Big Rip, which is the accelerated expansion of the universe and consequent disintegration of matter and energy, and Tupaq as well controls Black Holes in space, which gravity can suck even light, inside his own inner organism, the 'Anaghra Lemah' (Absolute Darkness). While in control over an artificial Black Hole, 'Mobile Topakhon' (with aid of Hawlien from Spektruz, actual masters of the hidden element of Serapel, Tupaq has transferred landmasses and peoples of Topakhon, its 'four tribes' into the exterior of a mobile Black Hole), and over the Centzonmimixcoa, four hundred demons of darkness made in his image, actually split from its pure form (a knowledge which Tupaq gained after being trapped inside Chaos by Hydros, the Macabraic of Water), Tupaq has led the 'Ors Ohorela', the political management of all the States of Topakhon, and its 'fourfold administration' into war against all other planets, plans and stars of the universe. The Topakhon Wars lasted for 12 centuries, when Tupaq was finally absorbed by his own black hole, ending up jailed within his own inner organism, the Anaghra Lemah, for 30 centuries of self discovery.

Tupaq has been freed by greedy sorcerers, and now seeks to rebuild Mobile Topakhon, to start again the acceleration of the universal expansion, which according to him will "devolve the natural state of things and souls, before they were wrongly manifested by the intervention of his brothers". Tupaq's regarded as a Macabraic by the other eight, but some of them believe its origin differs from theirs, because of its chaotic nature of segregation, division and 'not being'. As all the other Macabraics, Tupaq leaves traces of its own existence and personality on the existences and personalities of other beings found within the creation. Tupaq is the dark unconsciousness which don't rely on name or identifications, it is the nature of being by 'not being' something else, it's what it pleases and knows no societal limits.

In this illustration for the 'Cuetzpalin & Apkallu Card Game', Tupaq is shown in his secondary Vovin form, with the Vovin Crystal Baihu (of the Hidden Panacea Element) in its chest, just after he recovered his third eye, his core. The Eye of Tupaq is the Ater Adamantis, or black diamond, that like the one from Apep, sees all. It's inspired by the Eye of Shiva, and sees all things which a normal eye could not, it sees all existent colors and things, it sees what goes on one's mind. Among other names which people use to address Tupaq, there are Nuddimud, Sorath, Mixcoatl, Chernobog, Erevos (or Erebus), Ahriman, Wiracocha and Gannag Menog. By being an entity which acts on the metaphysical evil, Tupaq's often associated with evil by those blind by the light of Baal, because it sees into the unseen, make conscious the unconscious, and there's nothing more feared by the religions which seek the light of an hegemonic paternal god than the knowledge that comes only from darkness.
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