Dionysus-Shedu Picture

Once an alcoholic, Dionysus was found to have liver cancer. He didn't have the money for the treatments. Erebus Cor. seemed like a savior, offering to fix his cancer if he allowed them to perform one experiment on him.

He woke, it was a month later, he felt great, stronger and maybe even taller. He stood up and he was taller! Nearly 2feet. He turned and saw himself in the mirror, he was decked in tiger printed metal and armor, bright oranges, blues and greens.

Dionysus, was afraid of his image, he completely forgot about his cancer. He went into the nearest room in the large damp facility, and ask for answers. He was told that his liver was fixed, in fact it was reversed, whenever he consumed alcohol from that point on he would gain large amounts of energy. Now, with no other reasons to live, Dionysus joined Erebus Cor. and he always had a disconsolate additude, very much different from his partner Aeolus.

Claws- Dionysus' claws can grow in length to be about 9' long.

Wings- Dionysus' wings aren't as powerful as his partner, Aeolus', but they still allowed him to jump very high and to dash forward.

Helmet- His helmet looks very akin to a tiger, not much special about it except defense.
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