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Demoigod Project
Arrangement: 4
Base Planet: Kleidi, in the Central Chambers
Common Abilities: Increased agility, strength, and reflexes; hyper-fast thinking while in battle; various abilities unlocked upon birth depending on "parent" (Ex: Lightning for Zuas/Jupiter, Light for Horus, Summoning for Cernunnos, etc.); able to become resistant to some diseases once sampled for several times in their lifetime; understanding of the Theos-hybrid languages Graeki, Roamus, Etpyg, and others (again, depending on parent); ability to kill Theos, monstrous demoigods, and fellow normal demoigods; due to their extra-dimensional natures, their given names are already protected without given names (this does not count for true names); depending on random factors in genetic codes and such, other physical additions or deformities may affect their behaviors and other abilities
Contributions: Were obviously a major part in all three First Theos Wars (though considering the true founding of the Project was 149 AW, their involvement in the Heavenly Mounts is open to speculation); genetic studies of the Project around the 18000s AW are still considered the base revolution of experimental being and superbeing creation alike; the Splitting Beliefs were discovered by the Project to affect the Theos and potentially either strengthen or disable them when needed
Date of Creation: 149 AW (though the idea and demoigod who brought it through time arrived in 3 BW)
Founder: Herakles, the Pure Demoigod of Zuas/Jupiter, and later Hero Pricsian, collector and first researcher of the Theos blood
History: In 11 BW, Herakles traveled back in time from 47401 AW, along with the rest of the twelve Olympian demoigods he was trying to kill. During his time trying to fight them through their unique trials, he inadvertently helped with fighting against the Mythos (which were gaining control and support at the time) and helping the Project understand the connection between beings and Theos. Once he killed his part-brother Zeus in the final trial with the first monstrous demoigod Charbarus, he assisted fully in stopping the Mythos, unaware that due to his actions against the Olympians, he caused the Splitting Beliefs and the rising of the Theoi's and his own Romulus forms. He was eventually killed during his battle with Allos, but his blood helped in the First Theos Wars and their blood collection by Hero Pricsian, who eventually truly established the Divine Essence Mixed On Impregnation Project of Theos Studies and Research.
How to Join: An actual Theos capable of reproducing with your species visits or gives birth to one (for pure demoigod status); the Project selects a genetically-stable pregnant being and injects their unborn child with Theos blood (for normal/monstrous demoigod status); a potential worker is able to sign up and become a member of one of its twenty-five divisions (for worker status)
Leaders: The elected President (who must have worked in the Project for 8+ years, no criminal activities, and adapt in at least one magic) and his/her Meeting (made up of one hundred other elected officials, four from each division)
Notable Agents: Archlia Fount, the demoigod of Zuas and Haero, discoverer of the Immortal Planes and last of the first hybrid demoigods; Querak Haire, the demoigod of Mars and the main military leader of the Raid of Dimensions; Rick Riordan/Perseus Jackson, the pure demoigod of Postideus and one of the leaders of the Joining of Heroes; Faith and Will Worth, normal demoigod twins of Apposle (Graekos) and Diana (Romulus) who helped finally defeat the Primordial First Theoi Nyx, Erebus, and Tartarus; Caitie Johnson, the pure demoigod of Zuas and Jupiter (something never seen before), savior of Celestial University, and eventual Project President after finding the Armor of Herakles and the Key of Homes
Other Information: Due to their close work and most recorded number of contacts with the Theos, they are considered to be part of the Project when in our dimension. Most of the Theos who broke into our universe have influenced ancient religions and mythologies on ignorant planets like Earth - including the First Theos as Greek and Roman gods, Second as Egyptian, Third as Celtic, Fourth as Native-American, Fifth (Mythos) as none (though cults have adopted their ways due to the work of H.P. Lovecraft), Sixth as Aztec, and Seventh as Norse. They vary in strength, sometimes only as powerful as regular demoigods, other times truly having godlike power. The Project also has the most number of undercover Big Five agents in both ignorant planetary societies and even criminal underground groups, but also holds the most number of actual criminal agents.

YES! I've finally done another one! Granted, the symbol was already created a long time ago, and all I really had to do was type up the information, but still... I DID IT! So, I'll be trying to make more of these, and I might even put up my real stuff by the time I finish the Big Five symbols. Fingers crossed, everyone!

- Carus Lumen

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Demoigod - Part 4 of the Celestial University Saga
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