Darkness and Night Picture

I drew this pretty early in the year, so this isn't recent. I really need to draw more of these two and post more stuff! These two are a couple of my favorite gods from Greek mythology, Erebus and Nyx, god of darkness and goddess of the night. They're not mentioned a ton in mythology, but what's not to like about darkness and night, right? They're a couple of the oldest gods around, being siblings to Tartarus and Gaia. They have quite a few children too, some of which reside in the underworld like Thanatos and Hypnos, but not all of them do as far as I know. With that in mind, you'd think they'd be in more stories, but they seem to be kinda forgotten which is lame :/ I'd assume it could be due to them keeping more to themselves than interacting with mortals. The gods you hear the most about are the ones that tend to interact more with humans and other gods. So, maybe that's why? Just a theory. Nyx is very fun for me to draw, I always imagined her dress being the night sky, decorated with all the stars we see at night and her eyes (which aren't really shown in this picture) as moons. As for Erebus, it's said that he was often portrayed as darkness itself, in other words didn't have much of a physical appearance. I wanted to give him a physical appearance, but thought it would be cool if darkness kinda followed him or he just could fade like a shadow which I attempted to do XD. Not my best work, but I always have kinda liked it despite the crappy hands and such.
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