Original: Strife Picture

EDIT: HIS NICKNAME IS EREBUS!!! 8D It means "the primordal darkness before creation"... it rather suits him...

WHEE! Well, I finally finished it! It took me FOREVER to color this. And I discovered some REALLY cool things I can do with Photoshop!! TTwTT I love brushes and the fade setting. I love it so.

Strife is the son of Eris, Greek goddess of Chaos and Destruction. This is my take on him. He is Hades nephew (or rather great grandnephew) and, unfortunately for Hades, his most difficult charge. He is quiet, but don't let that fool you. He can make you his slave before you know it. He's the King of Blackmail and is not afraid to use his powers of persuasion to make you do his dirty work, namely clean and cook things that will never be good enough for him (Ex: More salt.. more... more... too much. Throw it away.) He has a bit of a sweet tooth (much like his uncle) and has no qualms in making you run to the local sweets shop for him. (Of course he'll gripe about the cruddyness of it, but it won't stop him from eating them anyway.)

He is in the same story as Twitch, Gus, and others.

Time: 1 week
Media: Photoshop CS2

Art/(my version)Strife: (c) Me
Strife: (c) Greek Mythology and his mom
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