Eos:Through the Ages Picture


I tried editing it...To make the lines darker.
Messed with Hue, Saturation and light/darkness too.

Eos is a character in an RP I play around in with a friend.
She's a senshi, Sailor Erebus, who somehow made it to the hollow world(BLEACH) and Ulquiorra found her. He named her Eos after the Greek goddess of the Dawn, but she fights for the darkness, hence her gaining the name 'Sailor Erebus' which, in Greek mythology I believe, is the 'Primordial Darkness'.
So her appearance speech would be like, "Born of Chaos and great mother Gaia to create, I am Sailor Erebus of the primordial darkness."

Still working on that bit, but if you want more information just search 'Erebus' or 'Primordial gods' on Wikipedia.

This particular deviation presents her at three/four significant ages. She is found as a baby and time passes, there's only so much you can do with a baby. She's five the next time we check in on her and Ulquiorra has successfully made it thus far in hiding her. Halibel is in on it, why? Well she represents the Sacrifice in Death and her hollow hole, incidentally, is through her uterus. She will end up betraying Ulquiorra though.

At 12 she is discovered out of Halibel's betrayal. I haven't decided who finds her, probably Loly and Menoly, and she's taken to Aizen when Ulquiorra is on a mission, most likely the one where him and Yammi battle....No, scuffle with Ichigo and Orihime and such. Well, Aizen isn't entirely mad because he knows exactly what he can use Eos for. He lets Ulquiorra keep her as a 'pet' but she's able to move around the palace now.

NOW....That I think about it, she isn't discovered that late. ANYWAY, at 16/17 she is apart of Aizens' plan to overtake the Soul Society. This is RP and AU, so..Yea. Who's to say Aizen won't win??

Eos (c) me

That pendant is her transformation item. A black jewel resting in white-gold with rose quartz accents.
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