Chaos: Greek Picture


I know that I've had a trend of never uploading anything, but I'm working on mythology project so I will actually be uploading pictures now. =O Wow!

Anyway.... since this is the first 'god' I've done I'm gonna explain my project here, I'm designing all of the gods in my own way and re-writing the myths along with it, and not just Greek/Roman... all mythologies I can find... am I crazy...probably yes, but I enjoy it...

Now so we are clear; these are not exactly like the myths these are my OC versions for my own writing, I am trying to keep as many details as I can but there are also my own additions and changes. I do not want to see anyone yelling at me for getting a god wrong.

Chaos - The Void, sometimes interpreted as female, and the wife of Chronos, though technically has no gender; and in my story he is male... he is sleeping and from the six wires are his 'children' (they are his thoughts coming in to reality).

This is the order they come out of the void; the number of wires attached to the orb shows their ... number? In other words, Chaos is first born, Tartarus Is fourth...
From his head is Chronos, because Time is a very mental concept.
From his neck is Gaia, because I read in a book once that the man may be the head but the woman is the neck and the neck can turn the head where ever it wants. This also goes along with the fact that time is based on the Earth's movements.
From his heart is Eros, obviously because he is love... and that makes sense to me.
From his foot is Tartarus cause he's the underworld and that is the lowest point on Chaos's body.
From his back is Erebus... because... There wasn't anywhere that made sense specifically for darkness...
From his hand is Nyx, once again no where really said night to me.
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