Don't Turn Back- LineArt Picture

“Used to feel so safe alone in the dark,
But now, my dear, there is no turning back…”
~Beautiful (Rosé’s Theme)

The line art to one of my favorite pictures, which was *luckily!* backed up before my laptop crashed earlier this year. I just updated some details so I can hopefully finish it sometime. On the left is Aita (represents Hades from Greek mythology) and the woman is Rosé (Persephone). I dressed them up like that since it’s kind of how everyone else perceives them during the complicated staged-kidnapping-for-marriage plot they’re in; Rosé looks angelic and innocent while Aita seems pretty scary*Really, he’s very naïve and sweet while Rosé is a notorious rebel-type. XD*
Done in Microsoft Windows XP Paint.

Aita Cronids and Rosé Bella-Aster belong to me, as does their series Mythos Erebus.
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