Mother Chaos Picture

Didn't show up in my Gallery, so I'm resubmitting it so see if it does this time. D:
Also, download if you want to see full size. It's A LOT better. XD

Something for you all to enjoy while I take a break from DA. C:

This is my interpretation of Chaos from Greek Mythology. She is the Mother of Mothers and Father of Fathers. Gaia (the Earth)and Uranus (the Heavens) sprung from Chaos along with Erebus(Darkness) and Nyx(Night)...and I think Tartarus (The Endless Pit), too. I can't remember off of the top of my head. She's the deep space and endless abyss from which all else came to be.
Chaos is technically a genderless being, but she's been referred to as a female in the Homeric poems if I remember correctly! XD

This is a part of a series I'm going to be doing (on my Facebook). I'm going to draw all of the Primordial Deities and use them as my cover photos. C:

I hope all of you enjoy this! I can't wait to see all of your comments when I come back!
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