Erebus and Nemo Picture

Two OC's of mine, Named Erebus and Nemo. Erebus is the mostly-white Heartless, and Nemo is the dwarf Dusk with the mixed colors on his head.

I actually picked their names very carefully:

Gender: Masculine
Pronounced: NEE-mo (English)
Means "nobody" in Latin.


Gender: Masculine
Usage: Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of the Greek Ερεβος (Erebos) which means "nether darkness". Erebus was the personification of the primordial darkness in Greek mythology.


The story goes that Erebus didn't form properly, and somehow retained most of his heart, so he still performs like a being with a heart, but as if he had amnesia.

Nemo's story is that he wasn't destroyed Properly when hit by Sora's keyblade, and simply gained a diminished form and a glimmer of light in his 'soul', along with a toddler-like intelligence. Erebus watches over him.


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