In the Storm - Erebus Picture

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My picture for theme #96 "In the Storm". This is my character Erebus in his bestial (griffon) form.

Long explanation short, Erebus is the diety of storms and shadows, and the ' patron saint' of betrayal.

(Yes, his name is taken from Greek mythology. No, I didn't know he and his namesake were so similar at the time. Yes, it might get changed later.)

Long explanation long, gods in his story have three forms, one of which is their animal one. Obviously this is his. Note that the back left leg is actually a goat's hoof. No, he's not a hippogriff. His back right leg, which I am sad did not fit into the drawing, is a raven's claw.

Erebus' symbol is a black sickle (not for representing the harvest, it's a long story) and his representative color is a deep purple.

I will probably be doing the other gods soon.

Quite pleased with this one. I had randomly wanted to draw him as a griffon one day, and had forgotten how fun animals are to draw. Only issue is the horrific background (those are clouds >> ) and the front right paw. But. That paw is accurate to the picture of a lion I looked at for paw reference. It looked wonky in real life, too. xD

Someday soon, when I get my tablet (GLEE) I shall ink and color this. Erebus, being a god of shadows, is black. So are the clouds. Er, purple, but whatever. I just didn't want to ruin this lineart with my sucky shading.


Erebus/artwork/concept (c) Leucrotta
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