MLP FiM OC: Emperor Erebus (Updated) Picture

Finally. I think i've created my favorite OC villain. This is Emperor Erebus. (Erebus is the god of darkness in greek mythology.) He is the Emperor of the Darkling Horde. I was aiming for a creepy, but still awesome looking villain. And I think he didnt turn out that bad.

Oh, and for anyone who wonders how I gave him a crooked horn, I edited his horn in Microsoft Paint myself.

But anyway, heres the Darkling Emperors bio.

And here is his voice [link]

EDIT: He has a mane now

Emperor Erebus

Name: Emperor Erebus
Kind: Darkling
Sex: Male
Personality: Evil, Tyrannic, Dark, Vengeful, Corrosive
Occupation: Darkling Emperor
Coat Color: Erebus's coat is very dark grey, and is covered in a black symbiotic slime
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Black and Dark Grey
Magic Aura Color: Black
Hair Appearance: Erebus has a spiky mane
Cutie Mark: None

Quote: "Come. Embrace the darkness."

Bio: Emperor Erebus is the insidious emperor of the Darkling Horde, and is the physical manifestation of darkness itself. He is the leader of the horde, and commands every single Darkling at his will. He is described as being a tall Darkling with a crooked horn, spiky armor all over his mangled body, long fangs, and much longer horns on his head. Erebus possesses dark magic beyond any Darkling. His magic is nearly 10x stronger than a normal Darkling's, or even stronger. He is possibly the most hungry Darkling out of the entire horde. And since is power is greater than a normal Darklings by an exponential amount, he absorbs more energy than regular Darklings, and also drinks more blood, and eats more flesh. He also has the ability to crate more Darkling's using his dark magic powers. This make him the hive mind of all Darkling's. Emperor Erebus rivals Princess Celestia greatly, for they have fought for ages, constantly trying to destroy one each other.

The legend of Erebus was passed down thousands of years ago by ponykind. Erebus was once a great friend of Princess Celestia. They got along as if thry were lovers. He was a prince of another city in Equestria. However, he tampered with a force everypony was warned to stay away from. Dark magic. A powerful energy which possessed dark abilities, capable of wreaking terrible havoc. Erebus fell into its evil grasp, and became obsessed with it. He saw the power in darkness, and was baffled by how strong it truly was. He also thought that it was Celestia holding him back from becoming strong. Erebus embraced then darkness and became a wretched monster. A Darkling. He immediately attacked Celestia, trying to kill her.But Celestia stopped Erebus, driving him intonthe heart if the Badlands. But Erebus wasnt finished. he was only enraged. So, to show Celestia he was not going to be defeated, he waged war on her, sending forth his Darkling army to destroy Celestia and her precious land. She had barely survived, but she had the strength to banish Erebus permanently. And so she did. Erebus was gone, and Equestria was safe from the dark. But that didnt stop him from rising up again. Erebus came back into existence years after his defeat. Ponykind has recognized him as an evil force of shadow, and only the light can silence him.

Erebus possesses a powerful signature move he calls "Shining Darkness". When he performs this move, he darkens the area around him with his magic, then he flies up into the air and releases a destructive wave of dark energy, which tears through everything it touches. Erebus is an evil, vile monster who hungers for energy to satisfy and sustain himself and his kind. He will stop at nothing to gain that energy, regardless of what may come his way.
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