The Graeae Picture

Name: Pemphredo (Left), Deino (Middle) and Enyo (Left)
Type: Dark
Name Origin: The Graeae of Greek Mythology
Rank: The First Elite 4
Home Town: Phobos City
Age: 18, 20 and 15
Info: The sisters are all very mysterious and are believed to have the power of precognition, retrocognition and clairvoyance. They always know who is coming and which pokemon they use, which gives them a formidable edge.
Title: The Graeae
Quote: "We knew you were coming - we can see your past, present and future, now prepare to be defeated"
Pokemon: Enyo - Umbreon, Mightyena
Pemphredo - Shiftry, Krokorok
Deino - Zweilous, Mandibuzz
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