The Real Emo Manticore. Picture

... : D
Haven't colored anything with colored pencils for a while and now, suddenly, two pics in a row with this coloring? Wow, man.
Stooopid scanner, ruined the obvious difference of his two colors, obviously seen IRL. B<

Anygays... A new manticore character. Wow, man.
Why'd I make him? Well, like in the doodles on a sketchdump of mine, I wanted to see if I could make an original looking manticore chara that didn't look like my other manticore chara, Leo. As you can see, I made this guy based in one of the doodles in the dump, yo.
Other reason for making him was that since Leo is taken, and I didn't wanna be too cruel to Elpis, who had a crush on Leo and has a thing for manticores, I made a new guy for her. YAY!

But maybe now we can talk about the character himself.
So, like said before, he's a manticore, and his name is Hafiz.
Unlike that no-good Leo, Hafiz was raised by his manticore parents. They were a part of a small pride [hey, they're lion-like, their pack can be a pride too..!] of manticores, actually, until the pride was assaulted by some evil poachers, or something. The people wanted to capture some of the strongest individuals in the pride to use them in... Whatever they wanted. [Btw, these were the same peeps who captured [Elpis] and her mom too.] Hafiz's father was targeted by the poachers, and they struck down poor little Hafiz's mom who was trying to defend her mate. Anxious and desperate, Hafiz tried to step up to the poachers to save his father, but couldn't do that, as the poachers hit him with a sword/knife/something and threw the manticore cub away. The poachers took his father and some other members of the pride, leaving Hafiz with only one eye and his mother crippled - the humans had hit her onto her back with a club. Hafiz tried to take care of his mother for a while, but she didn't last for too long. The pride of manticores was really loose and scared after the attack, and shortly after Hafiz's mother's death the pride disbanded.
Poor Hafiz was left alone in the world.
Short put, he became an emo. D8
Needless to say, he's got a grudge for humans.
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