Elpis / Spes Picture

In Greek mythology, Elpis is the deity personification of human hope was the daughter of Nyx (night) and Moors (conviction).

Elpis was the last punishment remained in Pandora's box, which rather rather than punishment, it was a relief to the torment that his brothers daemons, ocacionarian the world (Pain, Suffering, Aging, Agony, Sadness, Despair, Disease , hate, Death, Fraud, Labour, Lust, Discordia)., But really, Elpis was not the only virtue that contained inthe box, the other virtues escaped when Pandora opened the box, and they moved to Olympus after leaving the virtues punishment followed.

Elpis Being the only virtue that remain, to help humanity to overcome the ills that the gods released on it, granting faith in a better future.

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(I chose green as the color palette for her, since green means hope) jeje
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