Irena Picture

Yay obscure classical art references~ (the shadow is a reference to a famous Japanese woodcut)
Name meaning; Russian version of Eirene (His 'legal' name) or Irene if you prefer, which was the goddess of peace in Greek mythology.

In terms of looks, Irena is quite possibly the gayest man I have ever drawn. Whether or not he is actually gay, we will never know. But that is his natural hair color.
(He is a part of a visual pun; His color is magenta, Kira's is cyan, and Kanareyka's is yellow... and their boss, Mr. K, has black)
I wan tto upload m traditional media version, too (I colored it with a pencil, several highlighters, and a sharpie along with a bic marker.)
Irena is a fennic fox, and is a -generally- calm and collected person.
He speaks very little, so little that many people believe he is mute.

He is good with machines, especially complex ones like computers (And doomsday devices..)
He throws wrenchs at people who interrupt him when he is working on a machine.
He likes to eat sweets while he works.

He lives with Kira (and later Kanareyka) at The Loft, Which is essentially two storage floors turned into an apartment, in a building owned by the security firm they work for. Their boss, Mr. K, arranged for them to live there. (They are stilll unsure what his motives were for this.)

All (c) to me
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