Pokeymanz OC Picture

For Azumi-chan (~SoraNoHana), cuz she said she
wanted to draw her Pokemon-OC and mine battling,
but sadly, I didn't have one at that time, so I quickly
designed one at school 8D (explains the rushed color
and the lineart -w-)

Actually, I used her design for a Soul Eater OC 8D
Lol I often use the same design for OCs from multiple series xD
Also, she is just an upgrade-version of my Manga-Me owo

So she probably has a Zorua/Zoroark as her main Pokemon
(Lol I'm so creative) owo I'll think about her team later.

Her name is Eirene (the goddess of peace in the greek
mythology )<3

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
OC whose name hasn't even been decided yet (c) Me
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