The Seasons Picture

THE HORAI - the seasons: In Greek Mythology they were three goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time. They presided over the revolutions of the heavenly constellations by which the year was measured. The Horai also guarded the gates of Olympos and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven. They were daughters of Zeus and Themis. Themis was the goddess of Justice and Zeus' second wife (after Metis, before Hera). I picture them as a set of identical triplets, the way I show them in the throne room of Olympos.

From left to right:
EUNOMIA was the goddess of good order and lawful conduct. She was associated with the internal stability of a state, including the enactment of good laws and the maintenance of civil order. She was also the spring-time goddess of green pastures.
Her opposite was Dysnomia (Lawlessness).

DIKE was the goddess of justice, fair judgements and the rights established by custom and law. She probably also represented the springtime growth. Dike was identified with Dikaiosyne (Righteousness) and Astraia (the Contellation Virgo). Her opposite was Adikia (Injustice).

EIRENE was the goddess of peace (eirênê) and of the season of late spring. Late spring was the usual campaign season in Greece when peace was most at risk. Her opposite was Enyo, one of Ares' sisters in arms.

I imagine Greece can use some help from these three ladies right now, with raging fires and relentless economical crisis, so I kind of invoke them in this work.

They will appear again, battling these foes mentioned here. In which you get to see that they, in spite of their gentle-looking attitude can be as fierce as their red hairs indicate and know how to kick ass.

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