Orpheus and Eurydice - Concept Outline Picture

The shoreline of Lake Avernus, said to be a portal to the underworld. Above the waterline is the Temple of Apollo (who is said alternately to be Orpheus or Eurydice's father) standing in full glory and rising from the bank. The constellation Lyra hangs in the daytime sky. Orpheus is suspended above the water by lyre strings. He is at full stretch, reaching towards the waterline in desperation. The lyres themselves are in the top corners of the border, worked greek keys--doubled, to represent the two worlds, and to suggest the labyrinth that leads down into the underworld.

Below the waterline Eurydice reaches up from the depths. His hand is a fraction of an inch short of his lover's. The ruins of the Temple of Apollo are inverted underneath the water. Everything is blue-green-grey. The bottom corners of the border have burning torches--recalling their wedding when the torches are meant to have just shed smoke until everyone's eyes were watering. Eurydice may have ghost-echoes of oak leaves tattooed on or shadowing his body, as though dappled from above, recalling his origins as an oak nymph. Hands are reaching up out of the murk/smoke, dragging him down.

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