Cocotte Narcissique Picture


“Oh, Narcissus! My heart beats ink for you.

A pulse in every line.
It's your eyes
my words want to be read by,
your kind of mind
they would be understood by,
your heart
they'd be felt by,
and then you'd feel the same way that I do,
if only these words could be read or heard by you.”
Steven L. Sheppard, The Untold Story Of Narcissus And Echo


I love mythology. And would love to explore Narcissus in doodles in the future (this one is a quick sketchlette from a long time ago, a 'modern' one).

We all hold bits and pieces of narcissism ofc - I am guilty of a few strands of it, who isn't - we all try to think we are unique, special and beautiful (unless you suffer from crippling lack of self-esteem like me, then you have one helluva conflict).

But extremes can be interesting to explore too, no doubt. I have met and sometimes gotten close to a few people here and there (professional model too, that was an interesting individual!) who exhibit very close to Narcissistic Personality Disorder for e.g. For my mind at least, I reckon - why not? Unless it's ott and an offensive nuisance - do love yourself. But never forget humility.. And empathy. That is something that can be missing. And ouch. That does affect others.

Beauty -can- only be skin deep, alas sometimes. But there will forever be reasons behind that. And I will always at least try a little to delve within those forced preconceptions and barriers people put up to protect themselves, and try and cuddle and keep warm/croon with the insecurity within them if they are receptive and don't maul.. Why? Sometimes it can be so so worth breaking through that tough outer-shell, to the soft, goo-ey insides.

Am I rambling? Yup. Naive? Maybe. Bit weird? Most definitely.


These are forever and always entirely my own views. Criticism? Always welcome. Discussion? More so, please.


Thank you for reading!

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