OI Designs for Kiwi Picture

More character designs for ~Kyriea's fun comic "Olympus Institute". Unlike the last ones I'd done for her, I was consulting with her as I drew these so they're for the most part pretty close to how they're gonna look if/when she ever gets around to placing the three new charas in.

Hatshepsut and the trio in the bg (Imhotep, Medusa, Echo) are already characters, but the new ones are, from right-to-left cos I'm weird and I can:

I designed her as a tomboy/basketball star based on how tomboyish the actual goddess was. I gave her silver eyes and platinum blonde hair because she's a moon goddess, and those are colours associated with the moon. (Her twin brother being Apollo, the sun god.) She also loves animals.

Ah, Athena the wise! Kiwi decided she wanted her to have dark-brown hair in a messy bun, and golden eyes. I decided to give her the glasses. Athena is a bit bookish, but do NOT make her mad. She will kick your ass.

A mortal, and Athena's girlfriend. Mythology nerds may recall that in some versions of the Tiresias myth, Athena was in love with Tiresias' MOTHER Chariclo! And since I loves me some lesbians, I shared this with Kiwi right away. I designed Chariclo to be beautiful enough to catch the eye of a goddess, in kinda hippy-ish/boho clothes: big breasts, violet eyes, olive skin, and luxurious thick black curls. Chariclo is sweet and quiet. She might be a teen mom to blind Tiresias but I dunno if Kiwi wants to include him or not, it's her choice.

OI (c) ~Kyriea
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