Welcome to the Real Picture

In 2008 I experimented with research methods attuned to reflection as a teacher. I was teaching a unit on avatars.

The plant/monster avatar, (poached from a video game) that one student choose to represent himself, reappears in my journal, each time demanding more attention and eventually transforming into a Mayan glyph (shown here). Here he introduced himself as a representative of Lacan’s notion of “The Real”

I was clearly enjoying this process. Nonetheless, what reveals itself in these pages is the dramatic way my inner dialogue interacts with the lesson I am teaching. What remains here is the echo of the seepage from my subjectivity toward the lesson design and ideation. Avatars lead to identity, which leads to mythological imagery, and so forth…And all of this leads into a tragic moment in my personal life that shows up in later pages.
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