Sjeitdjorak Picture

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So, this is Sjeitdjoràk, one of the Vuneien dekun or "god". He's on Uarein's (dekun of warmth) side in the war.

He's dekun of confusion, deceit and theatre. Vuneiens just love their theatre, so he's pretty popular, actually. Or was, considering this guy's about as ancient as an Egyptian god (to give y'all an idea. He's much older. No one worships him or the other dekun anymore. He exists only in mythology and euphemisms.)

Uarein, the dekunon of warmth, has the "god and goddesses" of incorporeal things (writing, art, emotion, etc.) under his wings. He doesn't really have wings... Uarein is at war with Kozei, the dekuna of the cold. She has solid, definable things under her "wing". Land, sea, air, etc. Um, yeah. Neither one is evil or good, per say... just.. there.

I find that the whole... two people, one solid, one incorporeal thing echoes through a lot of Garran mythology. Hmm... perhaps one of the variants is actually the real thing?



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