Doodle Dump of Crazy Shenanigans Picture

So, I ended up actually doodling a ton today for some reason, so here're the results. It includes...

Top left: Some sort of angel guy. Yes, it's a guy. Not that you could tell with my crappy drawing abilities anyway.

Center left: Another concept of a Naga. See, I think that if these creatures are really part-human-part-snake they wouldn't just look like a human upper body tacked onto a snake lower body, I figure some snake-ish things would cross over into the human parts, so I figured it would have stunted or stubby hands (still figuring what I want them to look like exactly), lack or little hair, nostrils and ear-holes more like a snake or reptile, just in my opinion; not that I have anything against normal nagas: I actually just heard about 'em pretty recently. Had no idea such a mythological creature even existed. They're a pretty cool concept.

Lower Left: Some random creature with a mask.

Center bottom: A small, dragon-ish larvae thing dripping blood everywhere, because I felt like drawing something like Tutelage (I need to actually draw something based on Tutelage...I should get on that...)

Bottom Right: A random monster head I liked. *shrugs*

Center/Top Right: Okay, this one is pretty funny. Okay, so I'm just sifting through my memories while daydreaming a bit today and I recalled one dream I had where I got turned into a fairy with these really weirdly-designed, beautiful blue wings (I might doodle something with these wings and actually color it sometime) and I remember being incredibly angry in that dream because my subconscious put me in this one fairy village that was all cutesy and adowable and had me in a dress (which I didn't include in the drawing because I can't draw dresses) so I left the village only to get killed by something or other, I don't recall exactly what it was. So yea, enjoy some angry fairy me.
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