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As noted, Cerise Legere was first introduced for the teen and young adult market. The introduction to the general overall adult market combined both approaches, the casual group approach for the teen ads, and some of the same people as in the more adult Intime ads, as well as a few other elements.

CCO JEFFREY: We really didn't want to do anything too dramatic for this one. We just wanted to indicate that it was the sort of thing you could wear in the day, casually with friends, whatever. A more grown-up version of the ad that we did for the teen market.
CCO JAKE: Trees were all props this time, since we were well out of spring season and wanted flowering trees. Brought back Imogen and Jero Wynn, and added in Roman and Lucille. Lucille had the flowered dress to echo the cherry blossoms, and Imogen had the cherry pattern on her shirt to carry through the theme.
CCO JEFFREY: Just a nice, gentle ad.
CCO JAKE: And yet lessons were learned.
JEFFREY (sighing): Yeah, yeah.
JAKE: Yeah. Turns out that putting Jero in off-the-rack clothing, even when you have his measurements, kind of ... doesn't work very well. Off the rack just isn't really designed for someone with that much muscularity. Either he was ripping seams, or if it was big enough to fit him, it just hung down from his chest like a caftan. We finally wound up with a shirt that was split a little up the back and then pinned together. We should only use him in ads where he gets to be either shirtless, open shirted or naked.
JEFFREY (putting face in hands): Why do I do interviews with you? Why?
JAKE: Because they need us both for this. Besides, if you're not used to me after a whole lifetime of dealing, you really never will be.

--I. Noah Lott, professor of current history, comparative and modern mythology and modern media studies, Serenity Falls University, pour homme: a modern company plays with gender (Serenity Falls: SFU Press)

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Featuring FWArt Roman, FWArt Lucille, AprilYSH Imogen, and Jero Wynn is Male-M3dia/ForbiddenWhispers/JSGraphics Wynn M5 texture over a combination of M3DHero and Gianni6 and several sliders, although his head is primarily from the Shimizu Head Morphs for M6. I've actually rebuilt him a bit since this image, because he really was impossible to dress. (I think he's shorter now, actually.) Roman is wearing his skating outfit, along with dx30's Dress Shoes; Lucille is wearing the Eleanor Dress for V4 from Renderosity, sent through a bone-sparing Transfer method to keep the skirt's movement vaguely intact; Imogen is wearing the Casual Jeans top and boots and the Bice/Outoftouch Formality skirt; Jero Wynn has the Outoftouch Formal Wardrobe for G2M.

Set is Hilly Surround, and the trees are from the Lisa's Botanicals Cherry Trees set, formerly in the DAZ Platinum Club and now at Hivewire3D. Primary lighting is a combination of a very weak pale yellow Advanced Ambient and a very far away Advanced Distant, although there's a layer in there somewhere that uses the UberEnvironment setup that came with the BWC Skies skydome. Lighting this scene was a misery because more than just the teensy tiniest bit yellow made Jero Wynn turn violent orange, and more than a very weak Advanced Ambient made Imogen essentially fluoresce. I wound up doing a lot of post to adjust things, and compositing five different layers together. (I will just note that each one of those layers took Two. Freakin. HOURS to render. I'd have tried to do more with this except that after ten hours of dealing with only rendering this, I just wanted to be DONE. I don't know how people who do this for a living manage it without going insane, except by having staggeringly powerful computers and graphics chips.)

One more ad to go, and then we are DONE with Cerise, and on to the fun intermissions.
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