The Adonis and his Vampire Picture

By those two >>>title character<<<< I refer to Dorian Gray as played by the wonderful This isn't the best picture, but it could have been worse...::sigh::
DORIAN: Cheer up, now. I find your melancholies so tedious.
VICTORIA: Dorian, be nice.
DORIAN: Strange words coming from a vampire.
VICTORIA: Bite me.
DORIAN: Need I repeat what I just said?
VICTORIA: Do it and I'll bite you.
DORIAN: I believe the last time you bit me I not only enjoyed it but invited you to do it again.
VICTORIA: I...ooh...I hate talking with you. I can't ever think of anything to say in response without resorting to unladylike violence,
DORIAN: A little androgyny, now and again, my dear Victoria, is most attractive.
VICTORIA: I'm not surprised you'd think that, Gray.
DORIAN: 'Gray'? Have we gone from affection to aggression so quickly?
VICTORIA: .......yes.
DORIAN: That's all you have to say- yes?
VICTORIA: Er, see above comment, when I say I can't ever think of replies to your words.
DORIAN: Ah. Understandable, I suppose. I can be rather...complicated.
VICTORIA: Oh, God, don't quote that ridiculous rip-off. You're so much...well, what can I say?...better!
DORIAN: I concur. And 'Dorian' will suffice.
VICTORIA: --? Oh, I see, you mean that you think I was referring to you as a god...well, I wasn't.
VICTORIA: You're most certainly like someone out of the pages of a book of Greek mythology, but I was thinking
DORIAN: And you, my dear, must be Echo.
VICTORIA: I'm not that bad at comebacks, thank you.
DORIAN: What were we saying?
DORIAN: Quite so. Stuart Townsend has absolutely nothing on me.
VICTORIA: Nor does Mina have anything on me!
DORIAN: We are a much better couple than they are, it is true.
VICTORIA: Although, if I have my way, our ending may be just as happy.
DORIAN: Ah, Victoria, you wound me.

I like rambling. 'Tis fun.^^
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