Teppy aka Tepeyollotl Picture

From my series of fan fictions based on the 'Infections' Universe (FF.net link: [link])

Teppy, aka Tepeyollotl! Aztec God of Jaguars, Echos and Earthquakes! All 'round cool dude and... well, I can't say more 'cuz I'd be giving away some of the guy's secrets and every good God has several. Lets just say he kicks ass and he has the friends to prove it!

This guy is Mitch Armstrong's boss and Patron god. Poor Mitch! He's got a sense of humor but is reeeaaaly sly about the things he does. And never, ever underestimate the things he says. There's a reason why there's secrets behind secrets in his words. It all connects to the Transformers, too...

If you've noticed he's missing his man-bits, good. I cna't say why, but it's for a good reason.
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