Echo and Narcissus Picture

This is Echo the wood nymph and the love of her life, Narcissus from the Greek Mythology story of Echo and Narcissus.
Echo is a beautiful wood nymph who never stops talking and she always chattering and giggling and the goddess Hera was irritated by Echo's noise and she asked Echo to be quiet, but Echo wouldn't stop. So Hera decided to punish Echo by cursing her to be silent, but to repeat only what other people says to her.
Then after Echo is been cursed, she saw a handsome young man named Narcissus and she fell in love, but when she first meets Narcissus, Narcissus is not interested in her and when he tells her to go away and leave him alone and told her that he does not love her, Echo only repeated what he says.
Then Echo wandered sadly away through the forests and weeks passed she grew thinner and paler until she faded away and nothing of her was left except her voice which always repeated what anyone says.
Narcissus didn't even notice that he no longer saw Echo in the woods, although sometimes he still heard her voice.
The goddess Artemis decided to punish Narcissus for being so vain and cruel. When he was alone, she made him sit by a pool and gaze into the dark water.
That made Narcissus fall in love with his own reflection and when he tried to kiss the face and touched the water, it disappeared in the ripples.
At the end, Narcissus did kill himself thinking his own reflection had rejected him.
Then Narcissus is buried in the flowers that was named after him that is known as the Narcissus flower.

I made this from Snow Queen Scene Maker.
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