Miket Picture

High Priestess to the Empire of Phenat, ruled by the young Empress Sanga.

Miket (pronounced Mi-KET) is the successor to the High Priest Kahotec, who served the Emperors of Phenat for over six hundred years before his death of old age. Kahotec died in his sleep peacefully, not long after Sanga's mother--the former Empress-- was captured and murdered.

Miket is the new herald and prophet--a liaison between Sanga and her subjects--and she may live to be the herald of Emperors long after Sanga's mortal life.

Miket hails from the Northern spires of the Phenat deserts, where it is said hundreds others like these mysterious winged men and women dwell. It is taboo for mortals--save for the Emporers--to go to the Northern Spire to see for themselves, and those who dare are deemed heretics. None have returned from the Northern Spire, so these winged beings acting as heralds for the Emporers are feared just as much as they are respected. They are deemed lower than the the Emporers and the gods, but higher than mere mortals.

When you are greeted by Miket--or the current dynasty's prophet--it is law to answer all questions they ask, and to answer them quickly. You may ask but one question, if you so choose, but the feathered high priest may answer however he or she likes, and is not held accountable.

Miket's presence is stoic and strong, but gentler than most, probably because she is still very young and soft-spoken when she speaks in her own words. She makes it clear, however, that as messenger and crier for Sanga that she upholds her sacred duties to the Empress loyally, and passes on her decrees honestly. You see, Sanga is revered by her subjects and she gives hope to her people after the fall of her mother by the mysterious assailants. Sanga, however, is called by various aliases which give her a charisma of fear, not the least of which is, "the cat with the viper's tongue." Sanga see's most of these names fitting, ironically, as they suggest her due respect and authority. She is building her city and her forces, and that requires work, labor, and strength. The Empress has been known to value trainers who are callous just as they are motivating, and put every able personage to work for something.

Miket, though a gentler of the heralds, echoes Sanga's decrees with the same sting, when called to do so. When she speaks on her own behalf, she has a likable charisma of her own, and is overall believed to have a good heart for the people just as much as she has respect for her Empress.
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