I am Corrobis Picture

Remember this guy? His one of the bad guys in Fate of the Earth (FOTE).

The idea of this Jackal like creature is based of Anubis from both Zone of the Enders (ZOE) and one of the Egyptians mythologies.

The ideas tooken from ZOE was his armor design, some of it was based of the Orbital Frame Anubis, specially the head piece.

The Jackal and wings ideas were mainly from the Egyptian mythologies Anubis.

Now in this form this is just his armored form, his actually trapped with-in that armor and there for can not use his full Dark Powers.

He needs the power of Anesses to release him from his entrapment, so that he can unleash his full power on the world and the universe.

Now I won't tell you much about Anesses because that would spoil the plot, so you will have to wait to find out who Anesses is
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