Echo and Pan Picture

Echo turning down Pan, who tries to convince her to marry him. These are just the colours I imagine they would have, though I do love Meg's design.

This part of the script:

A red-headed Nymph approaches Echo. She is wearing green robes with brown accents.
Fay: Did Artemis say when she’ll be back?
Echo: She’ll be back for the celebrations.
Fay: She never misses one.
A nymph with blonde hair and pink eyes drifts over to them. She’s wearing dark pink robes with lighter pink accents.
Willow: That was a tragically beautiful story, Echo. Just lovely.
Echo: Thank you, Willow.
Willow: We’d better help the others.

The three women rush over to the other nymphs who are gathering flowers or starting to weave vines into table cloths and dresses.

Pan (Off Camera): My dear Echo!

Echo pauses and turns around. Willow and Fay stop a little way away from her, looking back also at the owner of the voice.
A handsome man with amber eyes and the darkest red hair is standing in the glade. He has a charming smile on his face and is reaching out to Echo.
Echo: What do you want, Pan?
Pan: I wish to talk to you.
Fay: Echo?
Echo: Go on. I’ll be right back. I promise.
Fay (cautiously): Okay.
Echo follows Pan out of the glade.

Scene 2
External. – By a pond – Day
Pan leads Echo to the pond and she sits down on a tree stump.
Echo: What did you want to talk about?
Pan: Us.
Echo: What us? There is no us.
Pan: There will be. You’ll give into me eventually.
Echo: Unlikely.
Pan: Marry me, Echo. I’m a God. I can literally give you the world if you desire.
Echo: No. I’m sorry Pan, but I just don’t love you.
Pan: You are the most beautiful Nymph and I love you. Marry me.
Echo: No.
Pan (angry): You will be mine. Just you wait and see!

Pan turns and storms away leaving Echo sitting by the pond.

I'm currently writing a script, hopefully Disney worthy one day, about the mythology of the nymph Echo. Like Disney, I've changed the story for the purposes of romance.

Echo falls in love with a human named Narcissus, but a jealous God named Pan curses her so she can't be see or touched by Narcissus and she can only repeat what he says. He then curses Narcissus so he falls in love with himself, with his reflection, dooming the two lovers. Can Echo's two best friends, Fay and Willow, help their friend break the curses with the aid of the Goddess Artemis?

Base, Echo, Pan and the story copyright to me
Screenshot and Hercules copyright to Disney
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