Oh look, a sketch dump! Picture

Some of these are old art I never posted, and some are newer. Almost all of these were smaller pictures so that's why I didn't post them on their own. Also, I'm very fond of the styles I used in the last four pictures, even though I almost never post in that style.

From left to right, top to bottom

Mrs Gene, a teacher at the school that these characters [link] go to. (And Sunny's mom)

My character Zee

Mrs Gene again

My character Elexa

My character Alana in a weird style. (This is one of the older pictures, not super super old though)

My character Lavender, who's the main character in my story called "To Being Our future." This is also the story that Racheal is in. This might be cover art for the book. (Ohgod I realized how weird that hand looks...I'll fix that later. XD)

Unfinished chibis of Victor and Sierra from Dollhouse ( I LOVE that show)

Sierra and Echo from Dollhouse (Both Dollhouse sketches are older drawings)

Some newer characters of mine. I've had the idea of that story for a bit, and recently started thinking more about the plot and characters. Don't expect to see much of them in the near future, as they are still very new and their personalities aren't fully developed. It's going to be a Greek mythology kind of story. (A bit obvious, seeing as the main character is named Pandora. Haha now I have TWO characters named Pandora...what an odd name to have two of.) These are the newest sketches.
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