{Persona 3 Roleplay Character} [Noroiko Ume] Picture

Name: Noroiko Ume
Japanese Name: ??????
Romaji Name: Ume Noroiko
Meaning: Ume - "Plum Blossom", Noroiko - "Cursed Child"
First Appearance: Persona 3 the Roleplay
Age: 17 (18)
Height: 165cm (5'4")
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Chained sickle / metal claw
Arcana: Aeon
Persona: Kirin
Affiliation: ???

Noroiko is known for her short height, as she is unreasonable very strong and can actually throw someone like Shinjiro across the room. She also has short dark brown to black hair which is slightly uneven in the front. She has a rather light skin tone (that is occasionally sometimes colored as much lighter) and bright golden eyes. Her clothing is somewhat complicated, consisting of a long tan shirt that is always rolled up around the elbows and drapes a little bit past her waist, a dark blue vest with darker purple shoulder patches, a double belt that crosses over the shirt and vest, black pants which are rolled up on the right side, and long dark brown boots.

Her shadow appearance consists of pinned up hair with the Aeon mask that covers her right eye. She wears a red, white, and black kimono that is slightly torn up with bandages around her feet and arms.

Noroiko doesn't actually know that she is just a shadow that was able to take on human traits and actually denies this fact strongly. Though she is short and doesn't seem like much of a threat she can actually be very intimidating. She is known for being very abusive toward Shinjiro but only for his own good. She seems to have a high knowledge of humanity and SEES. Noroiko is also a quick thinker while fighting and very protective of others. She looks up to Shinjiro as if he is like an older brother though she will not admit this either. She might be abusive but she's actually very caring and encouraging.

Noroiko was originally a shadow that took on human traits, learning the human language and later forming a human body to interact with other humans and learn more about them. After a while the shadow became more human and threw away it's own shadow memories, replacing them with false memories and became Ume Noroiko. She soon learned about a group known as S.E.E.S, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad that hunts down shadows around the Dark Hour. Her information about the group grew as she soon learned about the power of Persona's and how they are used to defeat shadows. Her mind then forms a false Persona, creating Kumiho to help her in the battle against shadows in secret.
A year after the defeat of Nyx and the sealing of Minato Arisato/Minako Arisato, she decides to bring Shinjiro Aragaki back to life/bring him back to full health. She persuades him into staying with her for a while as she catches him up on things that had happened. They start to slowly develop a friendly relationship after a few months of living with each other. From time to time she'll comment on his cooking and how well it is and tries to cook like him, in which her shadow brain forges a false cooking knowledge and allows her to be as good at cooking as Shinjiro is. She soon confesses to him that she doesn't know much about herself and that one day she just appeared. One night during the Dark Hour her shadow-brain starts to take control and causes her to become one of the Shadow Bosses that appear during a Full Moon. It takes quite some time before she is able to regain her own mind and return back to her humanish self. She then tells Shinjiro everything, all of her shadow memories and how she really came about.

*She is one of the many characters for Persona who is actually a shadow with a Persona.
*Her Persona, Kumiho, is based on the nine-tails mythology.
*Her attacks are mostly fire based and dark based.
*Her theme song is the Cinematic Remix of Leia and Gumi Megpoid's original song Echo.
*Her original design was that she had blond short hair and looked more like a boy, her name was also Rei.
*Each roleplay scenario is different depending on if the protagonist was a male or a female.

Aeon Arcana
A common theme for characters representing the Aeon Arcana is their attempts to fully understand themselves, as well as the world around them. In both of the Aeon Arcana's appearances, the Social Link characters in question were unfamiliar with the way the real world works, and struggled to discover their own place in this unfamiliar world.
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