All's Hallow: Lanthorn and Iam Picture

These are two characters from a drawing practice I'm working on. I call it All's Hallow, due to designing the characters after Halloween themes.
-Girl on left: Lanthorn (theme; Jack-o-Lantern). Her hair is orange, and was styled to look kinda like a pumpkin. Her eyes were gouged out by a man called Gallows. When not grinning widely, she flips up her turtle neck, which has a spiky, toothy grin pattern on it. She uses echolocation to get around.
-Guy on right: Iam (theme; black bat). Lanthorn's cousin, who's been blind from birth. He also uses echolocation to get around, causing him to have a strong affinity for bats; enough so that Lanthorn gave him his bat-hoodie as a gift. (Note: His name is not based off of the dog food brand. In mythology, there was the daughter of the Oread Echo, who's name was 'Iambe'. His name is just a shortened version. You can pronounce it Ee-am, but I like to pronounce it 'I Am.')

Iam (15) is really depressed most of the time, so Lanthorn (20), who's very chipper and happy-go-lucky, took him under her wing. She's constantly cheering him up.

Tools: 0.7 mechanical pencil and Indian ink gray marker set on beige paper.

(A letter to my scanner:
CURSE YOU!! Why must you cut off the edges of my paper when it FITS INSIDE OF YOU?!
Sincerely yours; Sammy Odette)
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