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Hive Fleet Cerberus is a Tyranid fleet that had entered the Segmentum Pacificus, most notably the Halo Zone, the uncharted part of the Galaxy to which the blessed light of the Astronomican cannot reach. If this was either an unlucky accident for the Imperium or if the Hive Mind had planned to deploy it's troops in the least defended part of the Imperium and strike from it's one blind spot, nobody is quite sure, but it does not change the fact that the Tyranids arrived in the single Segmentum the Imperium has least control over, and they are making short work of any idle defenders standing there.

When exactly did Hive Fleet Cerberus arrive in the Galaxy is unknown, since it had first arrived from the Halo Zone, from where none had ever returned and is genuinely unexplored by the Imperium. However, it is known it did not appear in Imperial space before 992999.M41 when the ''Night of a Thousand Rebellions'' begun, and anti-Imperial rebellions arose within the entire Segmentum, and virtually cut it off from the rest of the Imperium. It is only later that the Tyranids started to make their move and assaulted the borders of Segmentum Pacificus. Like a starved dog, Cerberus bore it's fangs deep into Imperial space. The reason why it got the name is because the main Hive Fleet had divided itself into three smaller fleets, one attacking the Imperium, one dealing with a number of lesser Ork Empires once rumored to exist within the Halo Zone, and the third part is fighting off some unknown threat that lies within the darkness of the Halo Zone. It is as if the fleet has three heads, thus it was named after the mythological three-headed dog, Cerberus.

-Ultima Macharia Incident:
This was the very first planet the Hive Fleet was sighted on. In 998.M41 there were sightings of Genestealers within the dark places of the planet and rising numbers of missing personal and any patrols that would be sent out would be gone as well. It was at the ending of 999.M41 when the Tyranid Hive Ships were sighted in low orbit, and the Shadow in the Warp they created had cut off the planet from the rest of the Imperium. Since the planet was in the Halo Zone, many had believed that it was because the Astronomican was dimming that they had lost contact with Ultima Macharia. Ships would be sent to investigate, but none had ever returned. This was the dawning of Hive Fleet Cerberus and the beginning of Tyranid incursions in Segmentum Pacificus.

-Adrantis Falling:
The planet Adrantis Five was a Dead World with a sterile atmosphere, it did however have several Research Stations there, to study the technologies once created by the hyper-advanced Humans that once lived there. Once Cerberus arrived at 999.M41, the remaining Imperial forces could not hold back the tide and were ultimately annihilated, but not before sending a message to warn anyone who receives it of the incoming threat. Elements of the Ordo Xenos Inquisition had received it, but hid the evidence, for no sure evidence was found and if these ''rumors'' were to break out, panic would sweep through the entire Segmentum. Sadly, this was no mere rumor and Cerberus was very real.

-Plague of Jucha:
In 012.M42, the Tyranids had sent their vanguard to the Jungle world of Jucha, The Lictors had assaulted Catachan patrols and Genestealers would raid what little defense the planet had. At 013.M42, the Tyranid fleet had arrived and cut off the planet from the rest of the Segmentum, and shrouded the minds of their Astropaths before they could send a distress call. With the Tyranid vanguard shattering the defenses nearly a year before and scattering it's forces across the jungles instead of a single organized force, the Tyranids found little resistance by the hands of the Imperials. Ultimately, Jucha is now a death world, clean of all life, and Cerberus was now growing stronger, but it's hunger was not yet sated, not nearly, and so it turned to the Sabbat Worlds.

-Thoth Cleansing:
Another Desert world conquered during the Macharian Crusade. It was once held by Chaos worshiping witches until the Inquisition sent a Virus Bomb to cleanse the planet, but not before the Tallarn Desert Raiders lead by Al'Rahem had took samples of flora and fauna, as well as evacuated the local N'go tribesmen, so that they could repopulate the planet once the effects of the Virus bomb had cleansed. This event of rebirth however would be short lived. In 016.M42, the Tyranids had descended on the planet, but not before a distress call was sent out, and the inhabitants of the Sabbat Worlds would realize just how far this Tyranid infestation had spread.

-Burning Kallastan:
The Desert world of Kallastan, held by the Tallarn Desert Raiders (formerly known as ''Tallarn Desert Tigers'') who had earned their respects from the Inquisition by cleansing the entire planet from Mutant defenders during the Macahrian Crusade had now found themselves under attack by a far greater threat. Their defense bastions would crumble beneath the cloven hooves of Carnifexes and their strongholds would be brought down from the inside out due to Trygon and Mawloc assaults during the night. The Tyranids took over Kallastan in 036.M42, and had consumed it whole. However, this was just a splinter fleet, and a quick intervention from the White Consuls Space Marine Chapter would eradicate it's Hive Ships, and would commence Exterminatus on the planets surface, seeing as there was nothing left to save.

-Assault of Morlond:
A heavily defended Fortress world held by the Imperial Guard within the Sabbat Worlds was under attack by Hive Fleet Cerberus in 095.M42. Unlike most planets Hive Fleet Cerberus encountered before, Morlond was a heavily armed stronghold with full Imperial Guard regiments to defend it. The war for Morlond was lasting for a decade, until finally at 106.M42 all contact with Morlond was lost. Was this because the Astronomican was dimming or if the Tyranids had consumed the planet, nobody knows, but what was known is that either way, the Sabbat Worlds were now doomed.

Unlike most Tyranid Hive Fleets, which orient around massive swarms of Gaunts and whatnot, Cerberus prefers to utilize larger Tyranid organisms, like Carnifexes, Biovores, Hive Guards, Warriors, Trygons and even Hierophants ( which were sighted at Morlond). The lesser creatures however do have their place. They flank the sides of larger creatures, absorbing incoming fire, hurling themselves at incoming threats, so that the greater and more important beasts do not have to take the flak. In addition, Cerberus uses it's creatures sparingly, not just sending waves after waves to get slaughtered just to overwhelm one position. Instead, the vanguard Genestealers and Lictors are sent out as sheep dogs, to herd the enemy in whatever direction they want, utilizing assault and ambush to steer them the way they wish. While fleeing for their lives, the enemies would find themselves exactly where the Tyranids want them, and Cerberus would send out the rest of it's swarms to annihilate what is left. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they will weed the weak from the flock and use the slightest chance they get to ruthlessly take it down.

Tyranids of Hive Fleet Cerberus do not spare on biomass, and each Tyranid organism will reach absolute potential. It is uncommon to see Gaunts that do not have Adrenal Glands and Toxic Sacs, and the larger organisms are like mobile fortresses, bristling with biomorphs and other upgrades. Each unit is at the peek of it's evolution and is at it's best. It is believed that the Hive Mind had noted the use of elite soldiers rather then mass numbers and Hive Fleet Cerberus is a form of a test drive to experiment with these new tactics, and they are working splendidly.

The only notable Tyranid organism that had been sighted within Hive Fleet Cerberus. The Ravager of Sabbat was first seen spearheading the advance of Tyranid forces on Morlond, closely followed by his Tyrant Guards. They were the head of the massive organism that was the Tyranid swarm. Ravager of Sabbat is armed with a Heavy Venom Cannon, twin Scything Talons, an Armored Shell and many smaller biomorphs like Adrenal Glands, Toxic Sacs, Implant Attacks, Toxic Miasma, Acid Blood and Regeneration. It is also whispered among Guardsmen who guard the fortresses of Sabbat that the Ravager of Sabbat also has limited speech capabilities, and that at one time, when facing the Governor-General of Morlond face to face, the beast shouted with such ferocity the word it uttered echoed across the warzone. That ''word'' it uttered had driven the Tyranids in a feeding frenzy, seeing that their victory was at hand. That one word was so simple yet so terrifying: ''Die!''
The exact fate of the Ravager of Sabbat is a mystery due to the fact that the Imperium lost contact with Morlond at the climax of the conflict, but many more planets within the Sabbat Region would start to disappear, with rumors of a Hive Tyrant that leads with great ferocity with similar description as the one seen on Morlond. The Ravager of Sabbat has earned his name rightfully and is feared by all within Segmentum Pacificus, for very good reasons.

There are a few creatures besides the Ravager of Sabbat that are unique to Hive Fleet Cerberus. Among them are:
-Perreptor: a giant centipede like creature that crawls with great speed and can carry Spore Mines under its belly.
-Volucer: a lighter variation of the Carnifex that has grown wings similar to a winged Hive Tyrant.
-Proicientem: a creature the size of a Tyrannofex that has a mortar-like organism on its back that throws balls of molten slag that are heated in its body after the Proicientem beast devours rocks.
-Fulgurgaunt: a strain of gaunt that conduct static eletricity over their bodies and release it in a single shock. When amassed in numbers, these creatures can unleash a tidal wave of lighting fire.
-Scutiferum: as large as a carnifex but has an extended chitin that covers its body and even most of its head. It is created to rampage on the battlefield in a frenzied dash and slam itself against enemy fortifications.
-Trucidator: larger then a Carnifex or Tyrranofex, this beast equals the size of a Trygon or Mawloc. It moves on two legs and has an almost centaur like body. It carries large weapons which it uses to wreak pure havoc to all.

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