Echo. Picture

I did this image for a Chemistry project. @[email protected] So much homework... the original pencil color drawing looked like crud, so I said, "Screw it!" and redid it in Photoshop.

and it was sort of inspired (okay, very inspired) by House of Leaves by Zampano, with notes by Johnny Truant Mark Z. Danielewski and the chapter that talks about echoes, the mythological Echo and Narcissus, and the general physics of echoes. @[email protected] And, I felt inspired and felt really bad for Echo, so I decided to use this concept for the drawing!

It's got caves (produce echoes), bats (which use echolocation), an example of echoes (the speech repeating), and cursed Echo herself!

I listened to the song "House of Leaves" by Circa Survive [… ] as I did it. XDD

I made her blind and added the deciduous leaves as an allusion to the book. xux Also, cave systems could appear to be "never-ending", which would I guess be another allusion to the book. ouo and science

I know what you're thinking. I mean the Navidson house, not the number of pages.

stalagtites and stalagmites...
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