A Whole Lot Of Leona Picture

"What is it?"

"Just some cheap stone the mage was lugging around in a box. Guards at the outpost said I could keep it after I turned her in. Guess they didn't want it." Simon plopped the box on the counter as Leona and Claire made their respective approaches. Leona casually strolled up the counter, then grabbing Claire and sitting her down on top of it, the two standing opposite the brownie. "It came on this nifty chain though. I ain't got a use for it."

Simon opened the unremarkable box to reveal a blue gem that looked ruggedly cut and messily polished, still scratched and coated in dust. But it had a nice shine to it. Might fetch a decent price in a market if your tongue was sharp enough. It hung from a small iron chain of equally unremarkable craftsmanship, work and plain. A cold grey to compliment the dull blue.

"It's pretty." Claire said, watching the gem sway in the wind.

"Not sure what she wanted with it." Simon shrugged. "Doesn't look all that valuable."

"Maybe it's enchanted?" Leona chimed in, tilting her head a bit as she leaned in on the counter. "Mages tend to carry around a few arcane stones."

"I admit that's not a gem I'm used to seeing..." Simon examined the uneven shape of the cuts. "Still, not much I can do with it. Ya'll can have it if you want." He extended his hand and let the gem hang in the open.

"You want it, Claire? It is a pretty little gem." Leona said.

Claire shook her head. "I don't think I can fit it past my horns." The small demon huffed.

"I could add a link or two, no sweat." Simon responded, already eager to do a bit of crafting.

"I'm okay. I wanna see how it looks on you, Miss Leona."

"Well, okay." Leona smiled and calmly took the necklace from the brownie's hand, standing back up to her full height and dwarfing the two of them. "Never been one for jewelry, but it looks nice."

Leona calmly slipped the gem on and let it hang right above her chest, stepping back a bit to examine herself. "Not bad. Needs a little polish."

"Looks pretty on you." Claire perked up and smiled.

Suddenly, the pendant began to glow, the three of them all regressing back a bit. The blue gem emitted a bright beam of whiteness that seemed to shine over the rest of the room. A quiet hum filled the air, echoing off of nothing in an otherworldly fashion. Leona, transfixed on the sudden turn of events, didn't even have time to notice the ceiling getting closer and closer.


"Okay! It's off!" The pendant hung from her newly-enlarged finger.

Claire peeked out sheepishly from behind the counter.

"It's alright, sweetie. I think it's safe now." Leona tried her best to give a comforting smile. Claire, seeing this, slowly crawled out and stood herself up, still a little shaken.

"Hey!" A voice rung out from the other end of the room. "Did it stop?!"

"I think so, Simon. It shrank back down after I got it off." She slowly moved her head to face Claire again, trying her best not to move any other parts of her body. "Are you alright?"

"I'm...fine." Claire stammered out. "Uh...where's...where's Simon?"

"Over here." The voice rung out again, hidden behind a mass of curves and fabric from the other wall. "I think I'm stuck."

"Sorry, Simon."

"No, it's alright. Just...don't move back any further or else the wall and I are coming down."

"I don't think I can move period unless I want to level the inn in the process."

Claire paced around a bit, head cocked and eyes wide, and finally sat herself before the newly-enlarged nymph and the presumably-pinned brownie. "So now what?"

"...I kind of feel like I'm shrinking." Leona said.

"What? How do you feel shrinking?" Simon called out.

"I don't know. But I think without that necklace on I'll eventually shrink back down to normal."

"And how long do you suppose that's going to take?" She could feel something squirm around the edges of her posterior, but it's efforts to free itself were fruitless.

"...a while." Leona sighed.

Been on a bit of a Leona streak for the past few days. I dunno. She's a character I haven't spent enough time with who has a design I like to draw and plenty of flexibility.

So here's a half-baked growth picture.

No talk now. Time to sleep and shit.
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