Daddy's Girl 84 Picture

I need to structure up Persephone's story a bit before I continue on Destroyer of Light. Have an another page of Daddy's Girl in the meantime.

Hesiod just says that Zeus made Metis his first wife, without giving any details about it. An another version told in The Bibliotheca says that "Zeus slept with Metis, although she turned herself into many forms in order to avoid having sex with him". To me that sounds a bit like an echo of the myth of Thetis and Peleus. When Peleus caught Thetis she turned herself into many different forms in order to scare him away, but he didn't release his grip on her and after a while she resigned and married him. Just like Metis, Thetis was also destined to give birth to a son that would become greater than its father.

Zeus and Metis were never married in my version and almost no one knew of their relationship.
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