Pyrite, Tanooki of Another Philosophy Picture

Drawn: I wanna say two days ago, so maybe the 19th? I dunno, I've been bad about dating my art as of late.
Uploaded: 6-21-14

Welp, here's an idea I never thought I'd actually pursue. I never in my life thought I'd actually go through with having the idea of a character that was some sort of a dirtier girl somehow, but here I am, with a character that does just that.

So let's get something straight here, Pyrite is by no means a prostitute, but she is probably the most sexual of my cast, aside from good ol' Temptress, but technically she's Satan's lapdog without choosing to be in that role, so I let it sort of slide as "it's forced." Pyrite was my attempt to have the drunk, fun one of a group of four characters that hang out together. She's not only the oldest, but she's also the one who drinks the most, making her a bit tipsy. This is totally fitting, as I based her mostly off of tanookis from mythology.

In mythology, they tend to enjoy noodle shops and bars, and will turn leaves into money to pay for it. They also tend to attract customers within bars. Some other stuff on them is that they tend to walk around naked all of the time, most of them are males, and those that are males use their abnormally large scrotums to perform tasks, such as using them as drums or to carry things. Yes, I know, that was rated T, but hey, no one actually reads the description anyways. Also, a majority of them are shapeshifters and enjoy messing around with monks, and they're economic spirits, not fertility spirits. So Pyrite here is actually kind of fitting with her species. She enjoys hanging around bars, and the bar tenders like her company, she wears more revealing clothing, though doesn't go out streaking, she does turn leaves into money sometimes, and she likes to have a good time. I'm still developing her along with the rest of the group, but when I'm done, you'll see some seriously interesting stuff going on.

Did I mention she's also a part of Project Echo? X3 And that her shirt design was totally Mario inspired?
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