Dance of the Lunar Horn's Descent Picture

So the group has been closed officially, but since I had this prepared anyway, I'm going to update this with the original story/description I had created for this painting:

As the sun goes down on the waters above Velantis on the first day of the Lunar Festival, everyone collects around the center of the floating temporary festival city, perching on numerous wooden platforms around the edge of a large, clear circular area. In the very center, a red platform has been erected...but that is the only structure on the otherwise still water.

As the first edge of the sun touches the water's horizon, there comes a lone, elderly woman's voice. It echoes across the water, which seems to ripple in response. From inside of the platform, from doors previously unseen, file priests and priestesses of the Order of Khala, followers of the deity Cemanion. On the middle tier are singers, appearing to add their voices one by one with the old woman's. Soon after instrumentalists appear, each carrying their own implement with them as they settle around the structure, not yet playing, merely waiting. Passing by them come the dancers, their feet decorated with bone and bright green coral. They move without hesitation, without sight, their eyes blindfolded; none of them can see as they stop and form a circle between the platform and the edge of the water ring. None can observe that the ground beneath them is water, not any sort of structure, though no doubt they can feel the coolness on their bare feet.

The chorus ends.

The drums start a beat.

And then the Dance of the Lunar Horn's Descent begins.

In the age before time, in the era without fruit
Nothing seen, nothing felt, nothing understood
Entreated the Divine Ones to the Goddesses three
And from the moon did descend
Gift to the world
Knowledge from the Lunar Horn

As the dance continues, the water moves too, bulges and streams lifting like arms. It is perfectly in sync with the dancers, never touching - though coming close - as the extensions lift into the sky, sparkling in the last vestiges of the disappearing sun. They rise up to the center of the platform, and then finally as they meet there is the sound of a horn - the Lunar Horn - and there appears Cemanion, Divine Lord of Water, Keeper of Secrets, in her hands the Horn. At its call, the priests and priestesses remove their blindfolds at last.

Cemanion makes a gesture, and the water that had before arched over the dancing field sprays outwards, sprinkling down on everyone in blessing from the deity. The dancing priests and priestesses beckon to the crowd, helping the wary with a smile and leading them onto the still waters. From then until the moon sets at midnight, it is time for celebration.

Let the night of dancing begin!

The Lunar Festival and its mythology is (c)
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