Mixcoatlmon's evolution line Picture

A fan-made digimon's evolution line. It appears in my Dark Seed series as pretty much a wildcard.

Just for the record: it was created from faulty data and thus is fairly dumb, because the program used to make it tried to reroute missing data from the sourcecode to the digimon, thus resulting in some normal facilities in other digimon missing in the fake digimon. Unless extra data is added to fix the code parameters, it will never evolve past adult.

For the curious, details:

Level: Baby I
Attribute: Virus
Type: slime
Attack: none
Linguistic note: none. Inspired from way too many hours playing Final Fantasy Tactics.

Level: Baby II
Attribute: Virus
Type: ancient reptile
Attack: Sewet-Da (Ancient Egyptian - Feather Storm)
Linguistic note: from iaculus, the Egyptian symbol for the dead, depicted as a winged serpent. Also, the iaculus was thought to be a serpent that protected frankincense trees by diving at the intruder like a javelin. Normal iaculus have bat-wings, but the stylized Egyptian symbol has feathered wings

Level: Child
Attribute: virus
Type: ancient reptile
Attack: Quicuahtoc (Classic Nahuatl - to bite)
Linguistic note: The people we now know as the Aztecs believed that when a person was born, a nahual was created of the same material and acted as the mortal's protector.

Level: Adult
Attribute: virus
Type: phantom beast
Attack: Mi'totiliztli (Aztec dance), Tetectlanti (Stone Teeth)
Linguistic note: From Classic Nahuatl, meaning "cloud serpent." Mixcoatl, in Aztec mythology, was the god of the hunt and war, and fathered Quetzalcoatl.


Note: Because of the circumstances concerning Mixcoatlmon's creation, it cannot evolve higher than its adult form. These are just here because I'm bored.

Level: Perfect
Attribute: virus
Type: evil dragon
Attack: Helgrind (Old Norse - Death Gate) , Gjallerhorn (Old Norse - Echo-horn, which would be sounded at the Ragnarok)
Linguistic note: Grendel is one of the antagonists in the great epic poem Beowulf, the oldest piece of Anglo-Saxon literature that exists to this day.

Level: Ultimate
Attribute: virus
Type: evil dragon
Attack: Puratli-Idigna (Sumerian - Euphrates/Tigris), U-Amaru (Storm Flood)
Linguistic note: From Sumerian, "sea," Tiamat was the dragon that personified the oceans and was mother of all that exists. Marduk, in his revolution against the older gods, cleaved her in half. Her water made the clouds, her body the earth and sky, her tears became the Tigris and Euphrates.
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