Lysergica : the tunnels of the Fossils Whales Picture

Legends tell that the Fossils Caves were shaped upon the echoes of converging dreams and myths

The Chines myth of Yu-kiang the primeval Whale that rules the Oceans , the mythological Whales of the legends of the Mangaia ,the Kaikoura ,the Inuit , that over the Whale where Jonah lived , all converged here thought time and space when the planet was younger and here was only water, only the Ocean

And all thhose legendary Whales went and lived here , and when long time after they felt their vital cycle ending this was their resting place

their bodies sink here because all this place was in the depth of the sea ... and here their bodies start slowly merging back with the planet, merging but preserving something of the original structure , layers and layers of gigantic fossilized whales returning part of the Living planet changing in sync with the planet yet still preserving some memory , some flavours and shapes of the Big Whales that once ruled our Oceans

Now the Ocean are far from here and a large part of the fossil caves are high above the water level

Here some images of the Fossils Caves and of who my dwell there


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