Grimm type Grypharuda Picture

Type: Mythological Chimera
Species: Grimm
Origin: Griffin, Garuda

Attacks: Mask spines, Shadow-wind sheers, Claws, Sonic roar, Heel Kick, impact gusts

Bio: Grypharuda are the ill incarnate of the wind they utilize wind element dust etched within their own bodies by lady Serafiend herself. Grypharuda always echoes before a gust of wind as it descends. It sports flashy hind leg talons and has two front ones that are far sharper but even sharper, it can fly though it tends to only unveil it's wings to fly when it perceives it's foe a worthy quarry. It unlike Serafiend is incapable of human speech however it tends to manipulate wind almost in a manner that makes hunters believe it has use of semblance. It can see weaknesses in aura and so engaging it alone or in a single group is ill advised. It is predominantly a nocturnal hunter and will even prey upon other Grimm it like Serafiend are cannibalistic Grimm when they can find no other worthy prey, they were sealed away with each other as the Grypharuda will only yield to death or Serafiend's command. The Grypharuda are numbered 8 in total and are seldom found in a pack but do have a flock order mentality when they die they leave a miasma-musk that even once the poison is washed away can give away the location of the hunters whom fell it to the others.

RWBY (C) Monty Oum

Grypharuda (C) James Anthony Edwards 9/20/2014
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