A Portrait - Blessings in a Curse Picture

The rays of moonlight filtering through the tinted windows gave a comforting illusion of warm sunlight as Rose made her way through the dimly lit corridors of the stone castle. As soothing as this may be in appearance, she still retailed the cold shudder of the icy night and pulled the slight shawl even closer around her shoulders.
Could it be that the hallway had somehow extended? It may as well be the case. The nature of these floors was ever shrouded in mystery and even the slightest shifting of shadows could reveal a door that had not been there moments ago, or even conceal the way you had come. She sighed, walking forward past the series of similar windows as they led to a darker and more ornate portion of the castle's structure.
Rumors stated that this room was a small chapel, ill used and seldom cared for. After all, what use would those lacking a soul have with a place made for the sole purpose of saving it? The door gave way with little difficulty, though the expanse beyond was decay and dust. Moonlight danced through even more of the stained glass, showing the swirling specks of dust in their aerial acrobatics as she moved through the rows of covered pews. Even the candle stands had remained from a bygone time, melted only to harden again. Some still seemed as though they were dripping, such was the way the wax had accumulated on the sides and spilled over the edge to the floor below.
Her steps echoed further into the gloom where a podium stood, altar of reverence behind it. Papers rustled in the wake of her approach, scattering sermons written in a bloody ink. Rose paused at the edge of the altar, peering up at a strange symbol high above on the far wall. She could discern enough in the gloom to see the symbol she had grown to know so well. Cross comprised of twisting thorns and roses.
"We once considered it a possibility." A voice behind her echoed in the chamber, startling her enough to make her near lose footing. She quickly righted herself however, and turned to face the speaker. Lord Bloodthorne offered a slight bow as he stood by her side, glancing up at the same symbol as she. His hand reached for hers and he gave a gentle squeeze of reassurance before continuing.
"Once upon a time we thought it may prove possible to regain our souls. We were not always such a viscous lot. We had a type of faith, if you can consider it as such." He frowned. "No, perhaps not so far as faith, but a sense of hope. Surely a higher power existed among us. How else could such a fertile land exist when near all else was barren and wild?" A slight chuckle echoed as he smiled at Rose.
"We know now that all is owed to the Immortal Rose. It was her spirit after all that nurtured the land. Even in mortal mythology the roots all trace back to a maternal deity. 'Mother Earth' if you will. For us, it was she. And now she has returned to us once again."
Bloodthorne turned Rose to face him, clasping her hands in his at the front of the altar.
"Rose, it may be that I am cursed in my lack of a soul, I feel blessed all the same. Your presence here, even now allows me to feel the same warmth as though my heart still beat, as though the soul I had sought for so long were even now within my chest." His smile radiated, and she could feel her cheeks flushing even in spite of the window's light. No words needed to be spoken. Just a soft smile as they stood amidst the dust and empty pews.
Two figures happy in the gloom, hand in hand at the altar of a church falling apart.
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