Points of View I Picture

'Points of View' is a series of illustrations that explores the amalgamation of the two ways dwarfs are looked at; one being the mythological depiction, commonly echoed in movies and games, and the other being the forms of entertainment as they are seen in our society.

In mythology, dwarfs are wise beings associated with smithing and mining which is resonated in video games and movies as they are portrayed as powerful, bearded men laden with armour, usually brandishing a large metallic weapon. However, the case is quite different in reality.

Lucky Irani Circus, stage shows and gatekeeping for restaurants are three real life, local examples where little people are associated with entertainment and ridicule and used merely as brunts of the joke.

'Points of View' applies the sensibilities of the fantastical dwarf and portrays the local little people’s struggle to overcome their stereotypical and ridiculed representation.
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