25 Favorite Mythical Figures Picture

Filled answers to my own meme for those you want to what are my favorites. And for those you know about some of these figures, I'll give a brief description/origin of them.

25. *Genie/Djinn: Despite them being the same thing, they are actually different. A djinn is actually an evil-type of genie that can kill/destroy anyone or anything that try to challenge them, and even posses the body human the human that released it to use as a puppet. Genies are mostly on the good side and givers of desires.
Nowadays, genies are getting the short end of the stick of granting wishes, because in most media the person is only limited to three wishes...and most of them either are stupid choices or go horribly wrong; when in the original tale of "Aladdin," genie wishes are actually unlimited as that of fairies, and it's the leprechauns that only grant 3 wishes. -_-; At least the female genies are highly appreciated, despite mostly being fan-service.

24. *Leviathan: Whether they portrayed as sea dragons/serpents, ugly whales, a giant octopus, or an ancient species of the Prehistorical era that is still living; The leviathan is one the first sea monsters people thought that inhabited the seas before discovering new lands. One of my favorite designs of this creature would be the giant mecha-sea scorpion that was used in Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."

23. *Manticore: One of Greek's most famous and fearsome creatures that is said to have the body of a lion, wings of a bat or a bird, horns of a demon, and a tail of a scorpion. Some say that it also has a face of a man as well, but either way how one portrays it, it still looks like a lion's face to me.

22. *Griffon: Half eagle, half lion, what's not to like the design. Though the most current portrayal of a griffon is Gilda from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," and she isn't very well liked (since she did a crime that is worse than kicking a puppy or a kitten)...
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