The Banshee's Scream Picture

Okay, so this is a Banshee, a spirit from Celtic mythology (Gaelic name: Bean-si).
According to those old myths, hearing the scream of a Banshee means that some beloved person will die (or has already died). Banshees can appear as old women as well as young and beautiful ones, but in both shapes they have bloodshot eyes caused by crying, and long, wavering hair (often it is said to be white). Another sign for death to take away someone is when you see a Banshee wash clothes in a pool of blood, as far as I know.
Áine, their leader, is the queen of the underworld and supposed to show the souls of dead people the way into afterlife or help them find an unborn body for reincarnation.
It was also said that people who were suffering from serious illnesses were likely to hear a Banshee's scream, so they knew that they were going to die.
Some people even believed that as long as a mortally ill person was living in their house, a Banshee lived right under their basement, and when the ill person died and their relatives started crying, the Banshee's scream was the Echo of that.

It's a very dark "legend", but I've always loved it!
So I hope you'll all like this picture!
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