Day 25- Favorite Monster (Manticore) Picture

Okay so I could not pick a favorite monster per-say and if I did it would probably be one I had already drawn. However, I have always loved manticore and, as a child, I found them to be the most frightful of creatures. They originate in Indian mythology (although they make appearances in Greek and Persian records as well). Manticore are vicious creatures, that have a craving for human flesh. They are always described as having savage blue eyes, three rows of teeth, and a trumpeting call. The central stinger on the tail possesses a venom so deadly, that it instantly kills anything smaller than an elephant. It can also fire the smaller barbs from it's tail over great distances with surprising accuracy.
Sikari is one of the most feared denizens of the jungles of the Dark Heart. While there are larger and stronger monsters within the jungle, there are none that hunt humanoids so persistently. Countless wayfarers have attempted to travel alone through the jungle. Their echoing screams were followed by the trumpeting of the manticore shortly before they fell silent. Hunting parties have been led against her, none of which have succeeded. The jungle is her territory, and she keeps it well. IT is rumored that her lair lies within the great ruins of the Temple of Ivy. Skulls litter the entrance to Sikari's den and the stench of death hangs in the air. Other animals avoid the forsaken temple. Even the greatest of the tigers turn tail at the trumpeting of the manticore.
Legends say that Sikari will one day leave the jungle to hunt her old nemesis, the Sphinx. On that day the people of the Dark Heart will return to the temple and be blessed once more...unless Sikari's hunt is successful.
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