CuSith - New OC Picture

Someone else drew this for me as a request, bless them.

CuSith is the name of my character, historically, a CuSith would be a type of magic wolf of a sort. His name would have been Garmr ( a name of a demon dog in nordic mythology) but it doesn't fit as well. Anyways. CuSith is no sparkledog; more of an adaptation of beastiaries. CuSith is a wolf, but his face is his skull stripped of flesh and fur. With his two eye sockets, he also has a third one on his forehead. The eye sockets glow with green spiritual energy, which also streams out of his nasal cavity and his mouth. he is a long, extremely skinny black furred wolf, with a hole in his chest showing his rib-cage. his insides are empty except for a glowing green heart that pulsates spiritual energy, and a tail that ends in green flame. He is a spectre, unable to touch or be touched by physical objects. Very sad, very forlorn, CuSith will follow a dying animal and then when it passes, he guides it's soul to the world of the dead. CuSith is over a hundred years old. He is usually completely silent, although when he speaks, it sounds like a myseic voice echoing through steel.
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